Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Dr. Joseph Lancia
75 Walker Rd
Hilton, NY 14468
Phone: (585) 392-3492

Children’s Support Group

Helping children around military transitions




This support group offers children in military families an experience with horses to connect, share feelings and concerns and realize they are not alone in their current life circumstances. It offers a peaceful and non threatening environment in nature with horses to open an opportunity to talk about feelings and to explore developing a relationship with horses and other children going through similar situations. This often allows children to connect, share, laugh and spend time away from everyday worries and concerns.


This Equine Assisted Support Group is an experience where horses are used as partners for emotional growth and learning. It is an experience involving a team consisting of Dr. Joseph Lancia (Psychiatrist), Christine Cane (Equine Specialist) and Alan Bertch (Program Assistant). The focus is not riding or horsemanship. All activities take place on the ground. No horse experience is necessary. It is experiential in nature where children learn about themselves by engaging in activities with horses and then processing the feelings, behaviors, and response patterns that emerge.



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Dr. Joseph Lancia

75 Walker Road

Hilton, New York 14468

(585) 392-3492

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