Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Dr. Joseph Lancia
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Earth Song


A Spiritual Journey through the way of the Horse


Joseph Lancia, Psychiatrist






Earth Song is a two day spiritual retreat. This psycho-spiritual journey facilitates a connection with deeper aspects of the psyche through ground activities with horses and earth based ritual.  Participants will gain a deeper consciousness regarding their connection to the earth and all sentient beings. Aspects of synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) and archetypes as psycho-spiritual energy will be explored.  Horses are dynamic and impressive beings and engage people in powerful ways, providing rich metaphors related to other areas of life.  The workshop will involve looking at the concept of “Personal Medicine” (the influences and energies that one has as sources of healing and transformation).  Participants will be involved in exploring the medicine wheel looking at the energies associated with the four directions (North, East, South, and West) and their connection to Nature. The East brings the power of knowledge and new beginnings. Looking at intuition and ways of seeing beyond the visual will be explored.  The South brings the power of life, peace and renewal. Aspects of healing will be considered through clarification of the intention that is brought to each experience and relationship in our lives.  The West brings the power of change, a place of dreams and introspection. Rituals of release around letting go of judgments and unhealthy ways of being and thinking will be explored. The North brings the power of wisdom and reflection. Looking at how energy is carried, transmitted and experienced in our lives in addition to how it impacts others will be experienced.   The group will create ceremonies associated with these energies involving the medicine wheel and interaction with the horses.  This two day intensive experience creates a sacred space for healing of the individual and allows this awareness to be brought back to other aspects of a person’s life including family and community. 


No horse experience needed. All activities are unmounted.