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Taming the Wild Horse:

Utilizing EAP in helping with the transition from Combat Soldier to Civilian


 Joseph Lancia, DO


Taming the Wild Horse Manual - $35.00


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 Gratitude is expressed to the brave men and women who have served our country and have born witness to the experience of combat and all its manifestations (including its horrors).  The experience of war is unimaginable for those of us who have not experienced it first hand.  The transition needed to go from civilian to combat soldier then to combat veteran upon return and finally (for those fortunate enough) to civilian is a difficult one.  The veterans that have come to Windhorse Farm to help us understand their struggles and challenges are deeply appreciated. We can only hope that we have helped them move forward in their slow ascent from hell.


  Psychologically injured veterans are faced with a multitude of challenges some of which can include PTSD, depression, addictions, grief, relationship and spiritual issues. How the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy unfolds and the metaphors elicited will be specific to the relevant psychological injuries of the particular veteran, family or group. The name Taming the Wild Horse came from one group of veterans that have been through treatment with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Windhorse Farm.  It became an important metaphor for their individual and group experiences and a symbol of their healing.  They experienced the wild horse that needed taming as aspects of themselves and their experiences.  Some of the things they identified that needed taming were recurrent nightmares, overwhelming and unrelenting grief, various addictions, uncontrollable and overwhelming emotions like rage, and unhealthy ways of relating.  This manual is dedicated to those first groups of veterans that were brave enough to choose to explore Taming the Wild Horse.